The power of AI

Deep learning has recently emerged as the most accurate image recognition algorithm, as it can recognize and locate object from photos with a high degree of reliability.

Thanks to this power, deep learning is being used to tackle tasks spanning from medical imaging to self-driving cars.

A new world of opportunities

Whether for industrial quality control, mobile apps that are able to recognize object from photos or automation, deep learning can tackle problems which are impossible to solve with standard software engineering. Think a quality control system that can automatically pick rotten fruits, or an app that can recognize the type of food you are eating and automatically track your nutrient intake.

What we plan to offer

Integrating deep learning into your application is a great way to offer innovative features and remain ahead of the competition. However, deep learning is a difficult topics that requires years of training to master: a job which is best left to the experts.

Republic AI is a early-stage startup that plans to offer a service to solve this problem. Our API will provide a way to access image recognition algorithms optimized for your needs. This makes it possible for you to develop smart applications, without the need of being an expert. And without the costs, too.

Our advantages

  • Robust solutions.
  • Tailored to your needs: we open up new opportunities.
  • Our team makes use of the latest research to offer you the best accuracy.
  • Quick-prototyping: no need to develop your own algorithms. Save both time and cost.
  • Deep learning requires the use of specific hardware like GPUs. This makes for a high infrastructure maintenance burden. We take care of the infrastructure so that you can concentrate on your application.

How we differ

Most other AIAAS (AI as a service) providers offer pre-made algorithms which are able to recognize and locate many objects from images. While these are robust and powerful, their rigidity is a major counter-point, because you are constrained by the type of objects the system is designed to recognize.

Most providers focus on common everyday objects. This makes them impractical for many real-world applications. Our platform will let you determine the type of objects to be recognized, removing this limitation.


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